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Friday, 27. November 2009

The owner of this space
By leed47, 03:30


aion gold makes great effort in the game, and we need make full use of it. Otherwise we may lose the most chance to enter into high level, if we lose this important thing. In fact we may often meet some troubles in fighting, and we need some arms. Arms can protect us from hurting on one speed, and we can get some extra harvest. This time is my first time to know aion, and I think I can do well. Now I will tell you some things about this game, and I think you can do well on it. Although our master has low sigh, and her character is low too.

At first I think you can know who is guardian, and his contribution is huge. Guardian similar to that incarnation of god, between man and god, between the management can do for the sacred earthly affairs of god exist in the aion referred to as the guardian of their mental and physical is far stronger than mere mortals, simply said to be enveloped with supernatural power body, and be free to operate a sub of the original force, because it forces you can use the powerful guardian of the capacity, or even wale up from the dead, although it is not eternal, as god is eternal, like the shape, but also regarded as another kinds of way to eternal life, and their job is to manage the affairs of mortal to protect people from evil forces who arrack with the beast, in order to guard his own his own people to fight. Mortal to the worship of god is supreme, the guardian is to give respect and admire.

This is only about guardian, and I hope you can know a new figure. From some simple introduction, I think you must have under basal owner who is, and I think you can do well.

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Tuesday, 17. November 2009

Contrary to nature
By leed47, 05:39


aion gold plays a miraculous part in the game, and we need make full use of it. Than we can enter into high step from one by one, so we need gather it. Initially the region of Asia Estella is a complete world, and later became very powerful marinate forces, and they fight against god, tried to snatch right the region of Asia Estella domination of the right to become the greatest threat to the region of Asia Estella.

God sent 12 gods to resist, but the two sides are evenly matched. After the scourge of war that we knew just like the millennium after the dragon eventually expelled from the region of Asia Estella. But after a long war, eternal tower has been destroyed, divided into large fragments, heaven and the devil is also the one with the region of Asia Estella separate into two. Tower of the eternal destruction of the magnetic field makes the original mutation, and a weak magnetic field can not continue to maintain the original structure of the world, the magnetic field collapse, and the entire the region of Asia Estella will be completely destroyed. The eternal now is available only through the destruction of a tower of debris to maintain the stability of the magnetic field. Placed in omen 2 circles before the race is only one way to eliminate the other side will be able to protect them. Fate of the sector and the devil makes the days between the hatred intensified. Instability in the energy field, called abyss gave birth to the inner senses, abyss, as a bridge to connect a long-term isolation from the same community and Makati days. Between the two world wars were expelled from the region of Asia Estella sudden appearance of that field indicates that the ancient bloody might be revived.


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Living in Aion
By leed47, 05:39


aion gold I have wanted to have much and now I have experience of making money. OK, let me talk about my living in Aion. There is a topic about Aion world, the main content is learning crafting skills in the Hall of the Saints, and so at there you can find the NPC. 

1. Textile: You can craft ranging from leather to robes, belts and many other different types of armour. Think of it as a profession that allows you to make anything to buy aion kinah that is made of leather or fabric. For casters, most armours consist of leather materials.

2. Metal Armour Crafting: This skill enables you to create plate and chain type armours. It mostly uses metal, and you can pretty much make anything utilizing the anvil sitting next to the trainer.

3. Weapon Crafting: This skill enables you to create weapons ranging from maces to short swords. You can make aion kinah and two-handed swords as well, but you cannot make weapons that do not utilize metal such as staves and bows.

4. Alchemy: Mostly used to create potions. Aside from simple healing potions, you can make buff potions that heighten your magical/physical damages as well.

5. Cooking: You can create temporary buff items at first. For it include all types of water, based creatures, grass, some eggs from monsters as well as meat. Although buff food does not really play a big role yet, once the professions become more diversified and more ingredients become available aion gold.

6. Handy Work: It like bows, staves and such. Uses wood-based materials and gems, the weaving process is very beautiful. If you want to become an attractive Daeva make sure you pick up cheap aion kinah this handiwork-involving skill.

Thank you for reading and have a good time in Aion with your friends and much aion kina.




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Redcliff will give you the non-ordinary experience
By leed47, 05:39


redcliff online Gold is that I want to have much more one day. Redcliff is a full 3D-MMORPG. Using 3D maps and well designed the image of players with a very strong battle, as well as adjustable with a real sense of perspective and line of sight, a variety of plot is the game features.

Into the Redcliff world, it make you feel stunning is that 3D images firstly. 360 degree viewing angle allows you to browse full picture of the game. When you are playing the game, you are not only use the mouse wheel to move far and wide viewing angle, you are free to choose what kind of perspective for the game as the best suited to your own visual experience.

In order to give each player a realistic visual and auditory feast, Redcliff uses fascinating real time battle mode. With an intuitive interface, the game will bring experience of other games than the non-ordinary experience.

The whole concept of 3D game will penetrate into all areas of the game, when use different equipment, weapons and armor, not only the role of the player will change the screen, the characters of the subtle changes in movement can occur. Skills and magic brought about by splendid results for you to create an illusory world.

Specific items unique to strong systems or weakness systems lead more exciting battle with suspense between the player and monsters. This is not only makes the game itself beyond the general MMORPG battle mode, but also to stimulate the player to adapt to the ever changing battle scenario.

Redcliff makes the players full of tension and excitement. Join them as soon as possible.


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Tuesday, 10. November 2009

The Mages in Age of Conan
By leed47, 06:57


The Mages in Age of Conan

Welcome to Gameim, I hope you have a wonderful time in here. Do you know aoc gold? We get the information in other site for AOC players; hope it can help you more or less.

We have planned on starting life in AOC (Age of Conan Gold) as a demonologist for some time, but from everything we have seen we are getting more anxious about that decision. We have seen, read and heard a lot about the melee classes and melee system but very little about the mages.

Most of what we have seen about mages has been negative, things like magic does not really fit in the Conan world and they want to move away from the typical high fantasy magic that is the norm in MMOs. We get that and put something there just to diminish it.

Maybe we are being hypersensitive because our class of choice seems to be something of a redheaded stepchild but we do not want to end up playing a weak melee class (AOC Gold) with some cool magic like flair in an all melee game. We will probably still start the game as a demonologist but be very quick to ditch it outright if we are not satisfied right away.

Usually we would be more inclined to stick something out if our hearts really set on it. This time, however, we are afraid dragging ourselves through something that was never meant to be might bitter our taste for the entire game. We defiantly do not want that. At this point we suppose it is all obviously speculation on our part, but this is the feeling that we have gotten.

Thanks for your reading. And hope you like it. We can always get the best Age of Conan power leveling service with fast delivery that brings you more satisfactorily.


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Lineage2: How to Creating a Clan
By leed47, 06:56


 Lineage2: How to Creating a Clan

Dear guys, glad to see you in Gameim. Have you heard Lineage 2 Adena? We gather this guide, hope it can help you more or less and have a good time in Lineage2.

Any character over level 10 may create a clan. When a character has reached level 10 or higher, he or she can go to the NPC responsible for clan creation. Clan names may be comprised of up to 16 alphabetical and numerical characters (Lineage2 Gold) and cannot include spaces or special characters. A clan is made up of a clan leader and a number of clan members. New clans may accept up to 10 members. As the clan progresses and attains skills, they can have up to 40 members.

Leaving a clan: If a clan leader wants to kick a player (L2 Adena) from their clan, they can go into the Clan Window, click on the Actions, select the name of the player and click the DISMISS button. If a player wants to leave a clan, they can go into the Clan Window, click on the Actions or Clan tab and click the LEAVE button.

When a member leaves a clan, he or she may not join any other clan for five calendar days. If the clan membership capacity was filled at the time the member left, the clan must also wait five calendar days to accept new members. If the clan leader withdraws from the clan, the clan is automatically dissolved and receives penalties.

In addition, all the skills and fame that the clan possesses will be lost. It takes seven calendar days to dissolve a clan. Clan skills are restricted until the dissolution occurs, but clan chat and clan bulletin boards may still be used. A clan can not be dissolved when involved in a clan war.

Thanks for your reading. If you have no time to level your character, our Lineage2 power level service is your best choice! You can order right now.

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Luna online takes on social networking qualities
By leed47, 06:55


Luna online takes on social networking qualities

Do you know luna online gold? Starting the game, you immediately get an idea of the target market of luna online: the anime loving otaku community, which has grown to epic proportions in the last few years.

Bullitt subedits male not going to be suited to taste of everyone. If you are looking for epic battles reminiscent of lord of the rings, you are likely to be sorely disappointed. Even at the higher levels, the graphics are quite cartoonist; the animation, however, is noticeably fluid, which is a definite plus.

The characters are the wide eyed cuties we have come to expect from anime. And besides the requisite armor and robes, luna goes the extra mile and allows you to wear costumes over your protective gear to give your characters that extra something to make them stand out.

Of course looks would not matter if you could not act the part. The game features an extensive set of emoticons and motions that let the people around you express how you are feeling or simply bust out a dance number in between fighting all the monsters.

The game play, overall, is a bit generic. You are given a choice of being an elf or human, which can begin as a fighter, a Rogue or a Mage.


As you get stronger, you can then choose skills and jobs which will help you specialize in a specific role, be it a tank, a healer, or damage dealer.

There are more than 40 jobs which you can access as your character grows, each with its own special abilities, so your options grow as your character does.

To access the more varied choices, though, your character has to reach a significantly higher level, and with each one taking progressively longer to reach, it can become tedious at times.



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Martial Heroes
By leed47, 06:54


Martial Heroes

Have you heard Martial Heroes Gold? Martial Heroes is a 3d online role playing game (MMORPG) based in an ancient Oriental Empire. Since the beginning of time it has been populated by dangerous monsters and proud men. In an endless war against the monsters, the Empires’ Heroes joined their powers, but as with all wars the reason for fighting became unclear. Two major forces came to exist: the Lawful and the Evil factions. Now for a thousand of years the battle has been fought against the monsters and against each other with no mercy for the weak and no fear for the strong.

The game features a high variety of RPG elements. Travel through many varied maps encountering different monsters on your journey with a click to move interface. Find your way through the quests by choosing one of four classes: monk, warrior, mage and assassin. Teach them skills, find, produce and buy over thousands of in-game items and choose your faction. Are you an Evil person or do you stay on the Lawful side of the path? Join your friends in a guild and battle against other guilds, enroll in a master/student system, join bonds in the brotherhood or fight your opponents in Faction wars.

With GO credits you can buy interesting articles. These items of heroes will aid you on your travels, and can only be obtained through the in-game Heroes Market. Here you will find different items in the category enhancements, summons, travels, functional and novelties.

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Saturday, 07. November 2009

MIR2 Overview: New Oriental Fantasy
By leed47, 04:56


MIR2 Overview: New Oriental Fantasy

MIR2 gold has oriental sentiment and culture in a fantasy world. Most current games based on western fantasy, SF, etc. But MIR2 Online can make the players to have new experiences. The story of the MIR2 Online.


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Luna Online Interview with Andrea
By leed47, 04:55


Luna Online Interview with Andrea

luna gold is based on oriental myth about the 74th war between Ha-Nin, the great king and Ban-Go who challenged to the king with troops of demon. Luna Online will be a model of oriental fantasy game.

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By leed47, 04:53



Metin2 gold have ever imagined that one day you were sing a song, alone with dancing of your characters in MMOs. Charming female Archer and fair-sounding singing in this video took me under. The game is Dragon Nest, Highly anticipated Action MMO from Nixon.

About Dragon Nest

As an action mmorpg, Dragon Nest features well-designed graphics and fast-paced action comparable with console games. The characters' movements, monsters' response and the interaction between landforms and player activities are all designed realistically. When a monster is attacked, it will crash into a stone or another type of obstacle. If you team up with other players, there will be even more combat styles available...


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By leed47, 04:48



LOTRO Gold are some very cool paper renditions of the characters and creatures of world of War craft I found in this blog, really impressive, maybe you are not a fan of this game, but just take a look at details the crafter did on these characters and creatures, they are the best paper craft I have ever saw so far. I hope you guys enjoy them

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Wednesday, 04. November 2009

Knight reconnaissance report on level 30
By leed47, 03:26


Knight reconnaissance report on level 30

Hello players, welcome to come to Gameim! Have you heard knight gold?

If you have no time to level up your character in Knight, you can come to our site and have a look, we provide the most secure Knight Power leveling. Next we will provide you some useful information on Reconnaissance Report on Level 30, hope it could help you.

In fact, you could go to the Captain of your nation. If you have no time to earn Knight Noahyou can buy it from our website at the lowest price. For orcs, the captain is Fargo in berth and for humans; the captain is Falk win in Piano. Go talk to the captain about doing the Reconnaissance quest. After you talk to him, he'll give you a reconnaissance order. Once you get the order, go to the insider scout and talk with him to receive the reconnaissance report.

Then kill five enemy scouts in this area and get their reconnaissance maps that they drop. By the way, if you want to buy cheap Knight Gold, please go to our site and have a look, we have enough stock anytime. Note: the enemy scouts are quite strong. If you have a hard time killing them, try the quest with one or two friends who have not done it yet. Return to your captain with the five reconnaissance maps and the reconnaissance report and he will reward you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service by live chat, we will help you there.

Thanks for your reading and have a good time.


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How can you earn more money in kal
By leed47, 03:23


How can you earn more money in kal

Do you know kal geons? The following are the some way to beat Kal Online Geons. I hope can help you.

Kal Online Geons hit number: I and my buddy is one of the 60 thieves, 14 hours a day under normal copy of the online by more than 6 hours. We spend 8 hours a day playing Kal Online Geons.

Let me talk about the hand tire, located in Eastern Plague lands, and now many people know that go to that place to play Kal Online Geons, though it is not afraid to go big places had not quite strange to play. Recommendation 2 people go, there are 54 to 56 of the JY Crusaders strange, but we also have an Intuit server, cow warrior, wearing a sharp loaded hammer holding the battlefield to see him play in that is also quite fast and basic 3 to 4 geeks used to eat a bread. Commoner occupational strongly two or more go, blame the atrocious attacks have to spend 350 or so regular blood storm machine thief who hit me had 6,700. And the strange magic would put Austria egg what is the 200 or so damage. I played six days in that did not see what the high Kal Online Geons hold things.

Stan a copy of it is the door that a piece of land. The place of the assassination of the blade sharp rate is highest in the world, is the kind of names and personalities like the middle of an African Union camp, the strange characters, that it wants to blame the small. Edwards was also out of the hands, and destroy mission Shield of bone fire. I and my buddies in that brush a full eight hours every four days or so playing two assassination and bone fire, when we next play Kal Online Geons a group of Canadian soldiers, also every day in that brush Kal Online Geons's played an Edwards, our server is 1500G. We are envy: where to play Kal Online Geons. 1, note that some enemy personnel. 2, pay attention to red messengers, or death unclear depressed until you do.


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Recreational fishing is also to make money
By leed47, 03:22


Recreational fishing is also to make money

Have you heard buy MIR2 gold or buy cheap MIR2 gold? Now everyone has been 70 levels a long time, many people have found their own way for making MIR2 gold line. Now many people make the majority of MIR2 money mining, followed by a herbs, and then there is the magic and medicine, and attached to leather and so on, respect, and regard to hit monster out the source hygiene is also a method of making Mir2 Gold. And I was casual gamers or that there is no fixed time line staff. For example, when a customer calls would have to go there very busy in 10 minutes, the back has also hung up the strange characters are also not a copy of the play is also essential to go, but mining and herbs of people and great, good character can be taken to several groups of the time. Later, my 60 stone scales in order to catch the Man Fishing. At that time reaches the 300, since the small fishing and basically it is not being able to catch the enemy camp, kill, and then there is the time to leave, they started fishing and leisure living, did not expect this line even. Let me from abject poverty to become a well off.

First I thought of variations of fish, but so delicious that the wind serpent essential materials, bought a point of bright beads (fishing 75) in the decline outside a fishing hole that is 2 hours, a total of an incredible group of more than 7 points, together with 11 groups of mud-year fall and 6 groups of fish and some junk, thrown into the snake 16G auction a group of wind, mud autumn 2G Toshio 3G. The next day up a basic look at the whole selling and revenue a bit more than 130 G. Cha to buy wind snakes are mostly 70 characters, while the autumn and annual income mud fish concentrated between 15 and 35. the original there are still a lot of people practicing trumpet, cooking up if you want to practice the material would have to be some low-level .

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